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Overcoming Fears of Rejection to Date Girls – Is Being Too Short a Hurdle?

May 3, 2009

Too short to date girls? Do you have this problem too? Being short as a guy can especially pose a disadvantage when we are talking about approaching the opposite sex to either strike a conversation or for a greater ambition to date a girl you fancy. Remember that cute girl that you met in a public place just standing steps in front of you? She looks so much like the girl you wanted to talk to, and to befriend. One minute later, you tell yourself that it’s not possible for you to go up and say ‘hi’ as you are shorter than the girl in front. You subject yourself to the common belief that girls only fancy guys who are taller than them.

As a short guy myself, I can understand the inferior complex and thinking that comes with the package. I would like to offer some encouragement and tips to guys out there who are short in stature and feel inferior and have problems in overcoming fears of rejection when push comes to shove in knowing the opposite sex.

Tips to share:

1. Believe in yourself! Everyone is special and you definitely have your strong points. Speak confidently and dress well. Most of the time girls like guys who are confident of themselves. This does not entirely have to do with the guy’s physical appearance. Physical appearance takes those initial points but after even some minutes of chat, it is the personality rating that comes through. If you can speak confidently then you will fare well. Dressing well does not mean you need to wear a tie or a tux. Even a t-shirt and a pair of jeans can make you look good if you iron them well and pick the correct cutting.

2. Read about jokes and humor in jokes-a-day websites to break the ice with the opposite sex. Most girls like guys who are humorous.

3. Believe in yourself! I know I have mentioned about this in point 1 but it deserves mention again because it is just so important to have self-belief! Strong self-belief will make you look bigger in stature than what your physical self is.

4. Use your heart when you’re interested in the girl and make the effort to know her. This again has nothing to do with your short height. It also brings up the point that being short is not the only factor that will determine if you can be successful in getting the opposite sex interested in you. Using your heart is about showing whole-heartedly that you’re genuinely interested to know her and befriend her.

5. Get motivated by reading up on useful resources which encourages positive thinking. There’s a lot of these resources on

I am not an expert in courting girls but I have been through the process of getting nervous, letting opportunities past by me because I lack confidence and self-esteem to make that first move to know the girl I fancy.

You can do better! Good luck dear friend!

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