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Obama to be 9th tallest U.S. President

November 25, 2008

According to the average American male (2005 data) is 5 ft 9.2 in (1.76 m), with a slightly rising trend reflective of the rise in height of the general U.S. population. Incidentally, however, some of the tallest U.S. Presidents were of the young republic. The tallest First Lady was Eleanor Roosevelt, who was 5′ 11″ (1.80 m), the same height as Michelle Obama the soon to be next First Lady.

Barack himself will be the 9th tallest President in U.S history.

For the 47 elections in which the heights of both candidates are known, the taller candidate won 28 times (approximately 60% of the time), the shorter candidate won 17 times (approximately 36% of the time), and the candidates were the same height twice (about 4% of the time). Of those who were not President or Vice president at the time of the election, the popular vote was won by six who were shorter and sixteen who were taller. We might assume, however, that James Madison, the shortest President, was shorter than his opponent, and this would increase the number to seven for the shorter candidate.

It should be noted, however, that in three of the cases in which the shorter candidate won, the taller candidate actually received more popular votes but lost in the Electoral College; this happened in 1824, 1888, and 2000 (the other time that the electoral vote winner was not the popular vote winner was in 1876, for which we do not know the height of the loser) as noted by