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Age-related perception of stature, acceptance of therapy…

May 20, 2009

Title: Age-related perception of stature, acceptance of therapy, and psychosocial functioning in human growth hormone-treated girls with Turner’s syndrome.

Author: Lagrou, K : Xhrouet Heinrichs, D : Heinrichs, C : Craen, M : Chanoine, J P : Malvaux, P : Bourguignon, J P

Citation: J-Clin-Endocrinol-Metab. 1998 May; 83(5): 1494-501

Abstract: This study evaluated the perception of stature, acceptance of therapy, and psychosocial functioning in relation to age at onset and time on treatment during 2 yr of GH therapy in 31 girls with Turner’s syndrome grouped by age (group A: 3.7-5.8 yr, n = 9; group B: 7.2-11.8 yr, n = 13; group C: 12.5-16.4 yr, n = 9). The growth response after 2 yr was significant in the 3 groups when calculated in terms of growth norms for untreated Turner girls (mean increase in height SD score: +1.2, +1.5, and +1.1, respectively). The effect was less marked in terms of growth norms for normal girls, particularly in group B (+0.5 SD score). Height was perceived as a problem by most patients, except in the youngest girls at the start of treatment (group A) and in the majority of the adolescents after 2 yr of GH therapy (group C), without evidence of relation to growth response during therapy. The GH injections were fairly well accepted by all patients, except those younger than 6 yr. In all patients, expected adult height was unrealistic and became more realistic with age, whereas no consistent changes were observed in relation to growth response to GH therapy. The Child Behavior Checklist revealed elevated mean scores at the behavioral subscales of attention problems (group A and B), social problems, withdrawal, and anxiety-depression (most obviously in group B). No significant changes were seen during GH therapy. In group C, an elevated mean social problem score at the Youth Self Report and a low mean social self-esteem score at the Self-Esteem Inventory were observed before therapy and showed a significant improvement during 2 yr of GH treatment. These results, however, might be biased due to an increase in social desirability during therapy. We conclude that the perception of height, acceptance of GH therapy, and psychosocial functioning in girls with Turner’s syndrome show important differences between age groups, with only slight changes observed during GH therapy.

LiftKits Launches Height Increasing Insole Product

December 25, 2008

For those of us who were not fortunate enough to be born into a family of NBA All-Stars or had parents kind enough to pump us full of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) when they noticed we were smaller than the average kid – there is now help (hope).
LiftKits height increasing insoles gives us the opportunity to be more competitive and carry the confidence of people who have always been taller than us.

The 1 and 2 inch height increasing insoles are now available for purchase at The site is in a very early beta so if you experience any issues or just have questions, the company can be reached at or emailed directly at You can also post questions to GetSatisfaction where the company as well as other wearers of the LK insoles might assist you.

The LiftKits team likes to communicate with its customers in as many ways as possible. You can find them on:
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