Some things never change…

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In reading this article I didn’t realize that it had been published in 1971 until I reached paragraph 5. It seems just as relevant today as it was the day it was published by Time Magazine – Monday, Oct. 04, 1971. Here’s their report on heightism then and I’m sure it hasn’t changed much in the now.

No matter what his race, creed or financial status, the American male under 5 ft. 8 in.—the height of the average American man—is a victim of discrimination. That is the conclusion of a Cleveland sociologist who has begun a personal crusade against a seldom mentioned form of prejudice that, like racism and sexism, is well established in U.S. society: heightism.

So pervasive is the American bias against the short man, Saul Feldman told a recent meeting of the American Sociological Association, that no one notices it—no one, that is, except the short man himself. To Sociologist Feldman of Case Western Reserve University, that point is well illustrated by the language. Instead of the neutral “What is your height?”, the question is always the invidious “How tall are you?” Dishonest cashiers shortchange customers, and people who lack foresight are shortsighted.

In romantic matters, too, the little man is cut down to size. A woman’s idealized lover is never short, dark and handsome, and both sexes seem to feel that the male should be taller than the female. The tall man thus has all of womankind to choose from; the short man must make do with the little woman. In the movies, either the romantic hero is tall or the heroine is photographed standing in a trench. Violins never throbbed for Mickey Rooney; false eyelashes never fluttered at Edward G. Robinson.

Little Napoleons. In most sports, the short man is given short shrift. Business, it seems, is interested in the short man mostly as a customer for elevator shoes. A survey of recent University of Pittsburgh graduates, for example, shows that those 6 ft. 2 in. and over received average starting salaries 12.4% higher than those under 6 ft. In another study, 140 corporate recruiters were asked to make a hypothetical choice between two equally qualified applicants, one 6 ft. 1 in., the other 5 ft. 5 in. Nearly three-quarters hired the tall man; only 1% chose the short one. (About one-quarter had no preference.)

Yet when he succeeds—despite the tall odds against him—the short man is accused of being a “little Napoleon.” This might be one reason, perhaps, that Americans usually favor the tall political candidate: Feldman says that since 1900 the taller of the two major presidential candidates has always been sent to the White House,* even when the margin was Richard Nixon’s one-inch advantage over Hubert Humphrey’s 5 ft. 11 in.

By Feldman’s reckoning, however, Nixon is soon due for a long rest in San Clemente. Except for Humphrey, all the current major Democratic contenders are taller than the President. Edmund Muskie is a Lincolnesque 6 ft. 4 in., Edward Kennedy 6 ft. 2 in., and George McGovern 6 ft. 1 in.

What can the short man do? Rebel, of course, like everyone else. He could refuse to look up to the tall man, for example, and force him to stoop into an ungraceful and uncomfortable position for face-to-face conversations. He could sneer at the dangers tall men face, such as low tree branches and the cramped back seats of cabs and tiny cars. He could even nominate a short man for President. Sociologist Feldman, who measures a full 5 ft. 4 in., is no doubt available.

*Actually, the shorter candidate occasionally wins. In the election of 1924, for example, 5-ft. 10-in. Calvin Coolidge defeated John Davis, who was 5 ft. 11 in.

LiftKits interview at Sundance Film Festival 2009

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LiftKits interview with Tropikana TV at Sundance Film Festival 2009

LiftKits presents at 81st Annual Academy Awards Gifting Suite to the Stars

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Honoring the 81st Annual Academy Awards, Main Event Red Carpet Lounge & Green Suite presented an exclusive Giving/Gifting/Oscars Pampering Suite held at Studio 944 benefiting spcaLA. Celebrities had the “suite” life as they were pampered throughout the whole event.

The lounge was quite the turn out as it pulled in over 400 people in just two days. I can see why the Main Event RedCarpet Lounge & Green Suite wrapped up so many people; luxurious beauty and spa cool eco-treatments such as organic mini-facials, makeup and lash applications, electrotherapy, and hair cutting/styling appointments were recieved. Celebrities were also able to enjoy their sweets and drinks with star-quality edibles such as Carrie Wiatt’s Diet Designs and IZZE signature cocktails!

Of course we cannot forget to mention the pleasure having a Pre-Oscars informal trunk fashion showing of haute couture gowns, celebrity jewelry, women’s designer shoes and handbags, men’s designer shoes and neckties, and a 3-D Lounge presented by Dream Factory Studios.

Even the celebrity’s pets received special Oscar pampering and gifts. Helping the prevention of animal cruelty, a silent auction of luxury items was held to benefit spcaLA.

Over all the Giving/Gifting/Oscar Pampering Suite was a successful celebration for the celebrities of the 81st Academy Awards. Main Event Red Carpet Lounge & Green Suite knew how to spoil Hollywood’s celebrities making sure they were prepared for the big day!

Attendees included: Director of Oscar-nominated New Boy Steph Green, Producer of Oscar-nominated The Wrestler Scott Franklin, Sterling Beaumon (LOST), Rachelle Carson Begley (Living With Ed), Monica Ford (Obsessed), Kathy Joosten (Desperate Housewives), Rex Lee (Entourage), Gretchen Ross (The Real Housewives of Orange County), Cedric Sanders (American Gangster), Slade Smiley (Date My Ex: Jo & Slade), Amber Stevens (Fired Up), Isabella Thorne (My Own Worst Enemy), Shaun Toub (Iron Man), Nick Verreos (Project Runway & The Style Network)

Check out all the cool gifts and treatments they received in honorarium of the 2009 Oscars!

Oscar Gifting Suite

Oscar Gifting Suite

Need a lift? LiftKits give men the confidence they deserve with adding a lift to their their step. Created by three guys in Hollywood, they believe if women can add a boost to their confidence with adding certain “cheats” to their game—such as fake eye lashes, push up bras, wearing high heels, and so forth—men should be able to take advantage of a certain quality they can greater to feel better about themselves as well. LiftKits allows men to naturally and comfortably increase their height up to two inches. Feel large and in charge with LiftKits under your step!

To read the entire article by Adriana Davalos click here

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Find of the Week

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As posted on as the fashion find of the week Vivaciously Chataigne writes:

Ever want your man to be taller than you in heels? Well, I uncovered the secret to his new stature with the unique insoles called LiftKits.

This new vivacious find was founded by three Hollywood guys on the mission to grant average men a step up. LiftKits give men the ability to naturally and comfortably increase their height up to 2 inches. It’s been proven that taller men are more successful. Now little men can use lifts for heading out on a Saturday night to pick up the ladies or stand taller at an important job interview.

I discovered this new sensation at the LRGCreative Recreation Gifting Suite at Sundance 2009 and LiftKits proved one of the more popular booths. Becoming quick favorites with actors like Tom Cruise to celebrity DJ’s such as DJ Irie. LiftKits are quickly becoming a celebrity must-have. I hope they sent a pair to infamously cute, but vertically challenged Kevin Connolly.

You may think that these are a cheat for little guys to hit on you, but face it woman have push up bras, SPANX, fake eyelashes and hair. Everyone cheats a bit and height doesn’t matter when you lying down…

LiftKits uses Shopit for Social Selling

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The people at Shopit like LiftKits and we like Shopit. Check out the write up they did on LiftKits – Shopit Blog. Pretty funny group over there, but without a doubt, vertically challenged.
LiftKits uses Shopit for selling our patented height increasing insoles on Social Networking and community sites like Facebook, MySpace and Shopit itself.

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Why are tall women considered superior to shorter women?

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Why are tall women considered superior to shorter women?

Because if you’re tall like Uma Thurman, other women think you’re more intelligent, assertive and independent, and if you’re as short as Kylie Minogue, you’re merely considerate and nurturing

By Roger Dobson

Generations of women have complained about high-heeled shoes and the crushed toes and bunions they suffer for the sake of an extra inch or two. Now ground-breaking research has proved their sacrifice is not in vain.

Both men and women judge a tall female on first sight as more intelligent, assertive, independent and ambitious. For good measure, they are also judged richer and more successful, whatever the reality.

Psychologists at the universities of Liverpool and Central Lancashire have run the first scientific experiments to prove that “heightism” – which has always been associated with competition between men – colours our view of women’s talents too.

They found that when volunteers were shown digitally lengthened and shortened pictures of women, they made a series of instant judgments about their likely personalities, not all of them flattering. According to Dr Simon Chu, who led the research, it is “the first direct evidence that female height influences perception of their character”.

Tall women do not have things all their own way. The researchers also found that the male volunteers judged small women to be more nurturing and likely to be better mothers.

Shorter women also get support from a separate new analysis from University College London, which shows that women with an hour-glass figure – associated more commonly with small and medium-sized rather than tall females – are seen not only as more attractive, but more intelligent, flirtatious, healthy and fertile. They found that women whose waist was 70 per cent of the size of their hips were thought the most attractive, as well as the most intelligent.

In the Liverpool and Lancashire study, psychologists manipulated pictures of women standing against cars so that the same casually dressed woman appeared in different images to be tall or short. The height of the shorter women was just under 5ft 1in and the taller females 5ft 8in. A hundred men and women, aged 18 to 62, were then asked to rate the women for eight characteristics.

Men believed that shorter women were more considerate, nurturing and homely. However, women on the panel believed that there was no difference between tall and short women for these three traits.

Why men see short females as more caring and more homely is not clear. One theory is that taller women mature sexually later, because more energy is being expended on growing at a time when the reproductive system is developing. Other research has shown that shorter women have more reproductive success – which may be why men see them as more nurturing.

“The accumulating evidence converges on the view that short stature is linked with reproduction, while tall stature is linked with strength,” the report says.

At the same time, expending more energy on growing means that taller women are bigger and stronger, both of which are associated with independence and self-reliance.

Certainly, they are well represented on the public stage. Nicole Kidman, at 5ft 11in, has hardly been held back, although she was unable to wear heels while married to the significantly shorter Tom Cruise. Nor has Uma Thurman, at 6ft. Jodie Kidd, another six-footer, says her height has rarely been a handicap. “I’ve always been very content with the way I look. The only time being so tall has been a problem was when I was showjumping – my feet used to hang down and knock down all the fences.”

The aptly named Liz Large, who runs a clothing company for tall women, said: “I’m 6ft 1in, and it does mean you are noticed automatically. At work I was promoted very young – people just assumed I was grown up and a safe pair of hands.”

Dr David Weeks, a consultant clinical neuropsychologist at the Superyoung clinic in Edinburgh said: “In the past in Britain, being tall has been associated with leadership and social class. If you go back to the early 1940s when they were sorting out who was suitable to be an officer, there three factors – height, dash and moustache. The more, you had the better. Being tall can make a good first impression but it can also be far more enduring and long lasting in people’s perceptions.”

Not that being short is always a handicap. Dr Ros Taylor, a clinical psychologist who has researched image, believes that any advantage a tall person has lasts for a maximum of 30 seconds, after which the positive impression has to be backed up by substance.

“It’s not as if when you are tall that in itself gives you power. It is an initial advantage, and it certainly is an advantage, but if you don’t have it there are other compensations” – an argument that Kylie Minogue, 5ft 1in, and Charlotte Church, 5ft 2in, would support wholeheartedly.

David Beckham To Buy Apartment In Tallest Building

January 7, 2009 by

The couple and their three children are currently in the city as part of David`s tour with Italian soccer club AC Milan.


Published: January 05, 2009 17:37h

David Beckham is set to buy a £5 million apartment in the world’s tallest building. The soccer star – who is married to former Spice Girl Victoria – has apparently been approached by developers about an Armani designed property in the luxury Burj Dubai tower, which when completed will be approximately 820 metre high.

The couple and their three children are currently in the city as part of David’s tour with Italian soccer club AC Milan, who he is on loan to while his regular side Los Angeles Galaxy are in their off-season.

A source close to the Nakheel Group, which owns the complex, told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “Beckham and the Burj Dubai would be the perfect fit. This is the finest building in the world, he is the finest soccer player. I believe he is being sounded out.”

The building will be ready for occupation in September. Top Italian fashion house Armani – who David models underwear for – are set to kit out some of the 200-metre-square flats with luxury furnishings to the owner’s specifications.

David – who along with his team mates is being protected by a security team worth an estimated £3 million – already owns a villa in the exclusive Palm resort in the city.

Meanwhile, Victoria has been spotted walking around a luxury Dubai golf course in bare feet.

A source said: “Victoria didn’t look too happy and she obviously decided comfort was more important than style.”

More Hollywood Heights: Short Men of Comedy

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More Hollywood Heights: Short Men of Comedy
October 10, 2008 by
Will N. Stape

Funny Guys Aren’t Always Tall Guys
These are the clowns who make us roll over with belly laughs. They fire off one liners and spin silly stories faster than you can catch your breath. Funny men inspire us to be merry and mirthful. But many are pretty short.

Here are some of the best comics working in Hollywood today and some of the shortest.

Artie Lange – 5’9

At 5’9, Artie Lange misses average height by an inch.

The MAD-TV alum and Howard Stern regular has been yucking it up for years. A native of New Jersey, he’s had troubles in the past with drugs and booze and continues to “live large” as the new Dean Martin of Hollywood in ways. Recently broken up with his girlfriend Dana, Artie now is starting to love the single life and take advantage of it on Stern’s daily yuck fest on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Carlos Mencia – 5’8″

At 5’8, The Mind of Mencia is a short mind after all.

The half German half Latino comic born in Honduras is seventeenth in his family of eighteen siblings. At 5’8, he’s two inches shorter than average height, but that doesn’t mean he’s short on the laughs. Although he’s been criticized for joke stealing from big comics such as Joe Rogan and George Lopez, Mencia continues to do well on his Comedy Central show and is co-starring in the new Ben Stiller movie The Heartbreak Kid.

John Leguizamo 5’8

This native of Bogota Columbia stands 5’8, but he’s become one of the funniest and most versatile actors in film and television today.

Praised for his stand-up and one man shows, Leguizamo has been in such modern classics as Moulin Rouge and provided the voice for animated characters like in Ice Age. Leguizamo has such a unique, hyper sense of inspired silliness, it doesn’t matter how tall he is – he always delivers huge laughs.

Bobby Lee – 5’4 1/2″

At 5’4 1/2″ Asian comic Bobby Lee won’t be playing basketball with the LA Lakers anytime soon, but his comic timing doesn’t need height.

Livin’ Large

December 30, 2008 by

In the Maxim Magazine article, Crack open a tallboy and let the celebration begin for the 25 biggest short dudes of all time Maxim salutes a slew of shorties. In our opinion, there isn’t much to celebrate but here are a few for good measure:

Coming in at 24. Doug Flutie
Born: 1962
Height: 5’10”
Claims to fame: Uncorked “the Pass” to beat the evil Miami Hurricanes in 1984. Pro all-star in two different leagues—if you count the CFL.
The short story: Yeah, this ageless cult-favorite Patriots QB (still active at 43, he has his own rock band and once had his own cereal brand) would tower over a lot of guys on this list. But in a job where 6’2″ is considered borderline dwarfism, he’s become almost larger than life.

21. Ron Jeremy
Born: 1953
Height: 5’6″
Claim to fame: Hardest-working man in porn, claims a résumé about 5,000 women long!
The short story: Hirsute sex widget was a special ed teacher before a girlfriend sent his picture to Playgirl. The rest is wank-flick history. With 1,000-plus films beneath his belt, the Hedgehog is the most recognizable man in porn.
The extra inch(es): Half as wide as he is tall, but once he whips out his (at least) 10-inch costar, he transforms into a blindingly handsome leading man.

20. Kurt Cobain
Height: 5’7″
Claims to fame: Leader of Nirvana. Married Earth’s most obnoxious woman.
The short story: Even before the Goodwill threads, “rape me” pleas, and Courtney Love browbeatings, the tortured Nirvana frontman was hardly a tower of power. Channeling his trademark howl through a slight frame, Cobain seduced a generation of music fans—but accidentally paved the way for Limp Bizkit.
The extra inch: Short, weird, skinny guys weren’t too popular with the loggers and jocks in rural Washington State, but Cobain played up his shrimp status, hanging out with gay kids to antagonize meatheads.

19. Prince
Born: 1958
Height: 5’2″
Claims to fame: Only pop artist who can sing about female “self-service,” strut around in a purple suit half his life, and still be considered the Man.
The short story: Despite looking more like president of the Little Lord Fauntleroy Society than leader of the New Power Generation, the sex-funk witch doctor has tagged a slew of superfine honeys, including Kim Basinger and Carmen Electra. Turned Sheena Easton bad with “Sugar Walls.”
The extra inch: You’d dress in lingerie, too, if it meant you could rocket upward courtesy of six-inch platform shoes. Well, you would if you were this short and had the mojo to pull it off.

18. Bruce Lee
Height: 5’7″
Claim to fame: Passive-aggressive ass-kicker brought martial arts to the round-eye.
The short story: Beaten by street thugs at 14, “the Little Dragon” dedicated his life to the idea that one should “learn to endure or hire a bodyguard.” It was the last fight he ever lost. Destroyed everyone from Chuck Norris to hordes of attackers with bullet-fast backhands and menacing kitty noises.
The extra inch: How do you know you’re tough? When Steve McQueen and James Coburn are your pallbearers.

17. Jeff Gordon
Born: 1971
Height: 5’7″
Claim to fame: Cali golden boy showed NASCAR’s cracker power base how to win their own races.
The short story: No one makes left-hand turns for three hours better than the most-hated four-time champ in NASCAR history. Also credited with bringing the ultimate redneck sport out of Wal-Mart and into, well, Olive Garden.
The extra inch: El Gordo began racing go-carts on the teenage circuit at age nine, but proved so dominating he was forced out.

8. Jon Stewart
Born: 1962
Height: 5’7″ (counting the hair)
Claim to fame: Fake news godfather.
The short story: On Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Stewart inspired an entire generation to shuck off its cynicism, overthrow the hypocrite Beltway power thieves, and…well, he hosted the only 2004 election coverage worth watching, anyway. Endeavors to point out that today’s mainstream media has the same news value as Cops.
The extra inch: The former Jon Leibowitz absorbed early career-killing moves, then rode his “Enhancement Smoker” role of Half Baked—“You ever see the back of a $20 bill…on weed? Oh, there’s some crazy crap, man.”—to iconic status.

2. Spud Webb
Born: 1963
Height: 5’7″
Claim to fame: Won the 1986 NBA Slam Dunk contest with a cannonball-like reverse ka-pow.
The short story: The dunk victory insured the jumpy superfreak short-set immortality and paved the way for NBA Smurfs like Muggsy Bogues and Earl “I Really am 5’5″, Honest!” Boykins.
The extra inch: His junior high school coach told him to sit in the stands at tryouts, but Spudster clawed his way to the NBA via junior college and the minor leagues.

Leading the pack – 1. Angus Young of ACDC
Born: 1955
Height: 5’2″
Claim to fame: Satan’s guitarist.
The short story: After dropping out of school at 15 and working for a porn mag, the self-taught (surprise!) master of two-chord blare managed not to choke on his own vomit, thereby becoming coauthor of “Hell’s Bells” (and virtually every other song by the real greatest rock band ever), rather than its unfortunate inspiration.
The extra inch: Along with the trademark schoolboy threads, Angus has kept his adolescent strut. “I’m sick to death of people saying we’ve made 12 albums that sound exactly the same,” he once said. “In fact, we’ve made 13 albums that sound exactly the same.”

The real question is; where is Tom Cruise in all of this?

LiftKits Launches Height Increasing Insole Product

December 25, 2008 by

For those of us who were not fortunate enough to be born into a family of NBA All-Stars or had parents kind enough to pump us full of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) when they noticed we were smaller than the average kid – there is now help (hope).
LiftKits height increasing insoles gives us the opportunity to be more competitive and carry the confidence of people who have always been taller than us.

The 1 and 2 inch height increasing insoles are now available for purchase at The site is in a very early beta so if you experience any issues or just have questions, the company can be reached at or emailed directly at You can also post questions to GetSatisfaction where the company as well as other wearers of the LK insoles might assist you.

The LiftKits team likes to communicate with its customers in as many ways as possible. You can find them on:
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