The All About Height Holiday Gift Guide – not all about height

December 7, 2009 by

Here a suggestive little assortment of ’09 Holiday ideas that will help you and your friends walk into 2010 feeling a little bit better.

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1. An essential item for both men and women are Moleskine Notebooks, whether its and inspirational idea, business notes or for jotting down someones phone # – its a must have. $10 Classic Hardcover Notebook, Moleskine

2. Get up and go! It doesn’t matter where, a plane ticket is most certainly one of the best presents one can receive. Virgin Airways

3. Gotta have a pair of these throwbacks in the drawer. $19.95 Black Nylon BluBlockers

4. I just bought 5 pairs! If you wanna give someone the hottest pair of shoes around, give them a pair of Creative Recs. $140 Creative Recreation Ponti High Tops

5. Super Original, super eco-friendly. Around $40-$50, see where you can get yours by visiting

6. Capture the moment with a Flip. Flip video recorders are too easy to use and even easier to post your content on Facebook and Youtube. $149.99 Flip Camcorder

7. For all you ladies! The best way to transform any pair of boots! $70 a pair $35 each, The 2 Bandits

8. Know a friend who could use a couple more inches…of height? Check out our LiftKits Hi-Top version. Worn best in high top sneakers (like Creative Recs) or in boots. $25 a pair, LiftKits

9. Tavik, a Southern California lifestyle brand kicking out some killer threads for this holiday season. $49 Tavik “Gruseome” Flannel

10. The Bose iPhone/iPod speaker system is a little pricey, but well worth it. The Bose speaker system allows you to enjoy your music or a friends anywhere. $269.95 Bose Series II digital music system

The shoe lift challenge: Eat your heart out, Tom

October 22, 2009 by

The shoe lift challenge: Eat your heart out, Tom

How did Tom Cruise suddenly grow three inches to be taller than his wife? We asked this vertically challenged writer to test one theory … and see if it stacked up.

As breakfast table talk goes, it was something of a bombshell.

“There’s something I’ve never told you,” my wife of three years announced sheepishly as she cleared away the remnants of our 16-month-old son’s Rice Krispies, “because I was worried I might hurt your feelings . . . I nearly dumped you as soon as we met”.

(Gulp. What could I have done to so appall Helen that she’d considered bringing our burgeoning romance to such a swift end?)

“I spent the first 24 hours of our relationship thinking: ‘Do I really want to go out with a man who’s shorter than me?'” she explained.

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What a difference three days make: Tom Cruise looks unusually taller than wife Katie Holmes

“But, sweetheart, I soon realised I shouldn’t be worrying about something so silly.”

Er, thank you, darling.

I am 5ft 2 3/4 inches (don’t you dare snatch that extra three-quarters of an inch away from me); Helen is 5ft 4in.

It’s never seemed to be a problem before, though she did agree to forsake stilettos on our wedding day so that I didn’t end up looking like wee Jimmy Krankie in the photos.

It seems, though, that ours is not the only relationship where height is an issue.

Last week, the Mail carried fascinating photos of Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes at two film screenings.

Tom is said to be 5ft 7in, and Katie 5ft 9in.

But in the first picture, taken at the premiere of his movie Lions For Lambs in Los Angeles, Tom was clearly the taller of the two.

Three days later, at a screening of the film in New York, he was suddenly shorter than his wife.

Before you ask, Katie was wearing similar heels in both pictures, so there’s no way her choice of footwear can explain Cruise’s mysterious height fluctuation.

Yet somehow he’d shed four inches in three days.

So how did that happen?

If Tom’s fast-disappearing inches had come off his waistline rather than his height, he’d have the whole of Hollywood at his feet.

And maybe it’s those feet that explain Tom’s minor miracle.

For what if the famously height- challenged actor had been wearing lifts in his shoes in LA?

Shoe lifts, in case you’ve not come across them before, are little inserts that can be placed inside shoes in order to lift your heel – and, thereby, your height.

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Standing taller: Vince Graff with wife Helen

A more extreme alternative, the socalled “elevator shoe”, in which the lift is an integral part of the footwear, allows you to boost your height by as much as four inches.

Both are impossible to detect from the outside.

A full set of shoe lifts can cost £250, while a single pair of off-the-shelf elevator shoes will set you back between £50 and £100.

But if you’d like a pair of hand-made bespoke elevator shoes – the type that might appeal to a Hollywood star perhaps? – you could spend £1,700 on a pair.

Still, what price pride? I’m the smallest man in my family and was the smallest boy in my primary school until I was eight or nine.

Being a teenager in a class where all the girls towered over me was also not much fun.

Whatever they say about “personality” being the most important thing, I soon discovered the appalling truth: girls don’t make passes at men who are short-arses.

Now I’ve passed my shrink-washed genes onto my son.

George was born quite a large lad (8lb 13oz), but in no time at all he had slipped down the height and weight tables until, like his dad, he was an out-and-out shortie.

He’s now languishing on the second centile – meaning that 98 per cent of babies his age are taller than he is.

I was worried about this for a while.

Then, one night, I found myself at a party where there were 50 or so other men.

I looked around and realised that I was the shortest bloke in the room.

Hardly a scientific survey, but it dawned on me: I must be in the bottom two per cent, too.

Anyway, I’ve had my fill of being small.

I’m fed up with always being the last person at the bar to get served; in a rage at being trampled on during rush-hour train journeys; riled at having to pay the full price for a cinema ticket when I get to see only half the screen.

Yes, short men have it tough – and I want to be taller. Now!

Logging on to the internet, I find what seems to be the answer to my prayers.

Alongside a cheesy picture of a man stroking his chin – not the sort of bloke who struggles to get served at his local – there are 18 styles of elevator shoes, from trainers to formal brogues, that promise to increase your height by up to four inches.

Prices range from £49.99 to £99.99. I opt for brown suede moccasins and a pair of black leather ankle boots.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of in ordering these height-boosting shoes, of course – why would there be? But just in case I’d like to keep quiet about it, the website promises: “All orders are treated in the strictest confidence. All products are sent in plain unmarked packaging.”

When my package arrives, I can’t contain my excitement.

The shoes are well-made and smart.

From the outside, they look like any other pair of shoes, with the soles and heels no deeper than usual.

The secret is inside: the insole is dramatically raised up at the back end of the shoe and tilts down towards the front.

When I slide my feet in, it is as if I am wearing stilettos.

Standing straight and proud, I admire myself in the mirror. I am now a giant among men – a huge 5ft 6in!

One small problem.

Though I’m now three inches taller, my trousers are not three inches longer – and they’re now too short. (The company doesn’t mention on its website that you’ll have to replace every pair of trousers you own.)

I stride proudly into the living room and hug my wife.

She doesn’t notice that the man embracing her is now a giant.

She does, however, realise that something is up.

“Vince,” she says. “You’re looking very slim today.”

It’s not a bad start, I suppose.

I head for London’s West End for a night out. What will happen when I try to order a drink in a bar? And will women treat me any differently?

My first mistake is running for the bus.

Clunk, clunk, clunk. The shoes are heavy and I am not used to running (or walking) with my feet at this peculiar angle.

The bus whizzes off without me.

Eventually, I get to the pub, stride up to the bar and catch the barmaid’s eye.

Within seconds, I’m being served. Is this because of my new-found confidence or my new-found visibility?

The barmaid tells me that, yes, I do look 5ft 6in, and that my shoes look perfectly ordinary to her.

Not that she ever ignores small people at a crowded bar, she tells me. Never. Yeah, right.

Time to move on. Slowly

The stiff virgin leather is pinching my big toe, and my legs are aching under the weight of the shoes.

The barman at my next port of call, the fashionable Soho Hotel, is also in denial.

Paolo, from Ecuador, claims: “It’s all about how polite you are – height has nothing to do with how quickly you get served.

“If you scream and shout at me for a drink, you’ve got no chance – even if you’re 6ft 6in tall.

“But the thing that works 100 per cent of the time is an attractive woman. I just can’t help it. Sorry.”

Despite not fulfilling his criteria, I’ve been served straight away – though, to be fair, there are only two or three other punters waiting.

But it’s nice to be first for the first time in my life.

I get talking to a group of women.

Bridget is a glamorous 35-year-old blonde from the U.S. who used to own a bar in Spain. She’s 5ft 8in.

“You look quite tall enough to me,” she says, looking me up and down. (Even in my new shoes, I’m still shorter than she is.)

“I’ve never had a problem with short men. I know a lot of women look for tall men, but it’s not a prerequisite for me.”

Before we get any friendlier (too friendly?), I move on.

I do seem to have a new confidence.

But Bridget’s friend Ylva, a 32-year- old Swedish woman who works in IT, soon puts me in my place.

“A few extra inches do help a man become more attractive,” she says.

Unfortunately, my shoes don’t quite hit the mark, and for Ylva I’m still too short.

“I want a big bear hug from a man, so I only really fancy men who are bigger than me,” she says.

“Sorry, but that’s the truth.”

I head off for a bite to eat.

In a Chinese restaurant, I find a group of students celebrating a 19th birthday.

Maybe the younger generation can be relied upon to restore my faith in women?

I ask Rachel, 18, how tall she thinks I am.

“Five foot eight?” she hazards. I am in heaven.

Her pal, a pretty Scottish girl called Sarah, jumps up from the table and measures herself against me, back to back.

It’s soon clear I’m not 5ft 8in, but I am taller than Sarah and Rachel.

“It looks funny if you tower over your man,” says Sarah, thinking it’ll cheer me up.

In fact, it reinforces everything I knew before I entered this land of make-believe. Because, in the end, I know I need to return to the real world.

By now, I am hobbling. There is a blister on my left foot and, like an Essex girl at the end of a night’s clubbing, I need to get my shoes off and go to bed.

And the next morning? I get out my ordinary shoes.

It’s not that Helen objected to my height-boosting shoes.

“I was expecting them to look really embarrassing and naff, like a weird orthopaedic thing, but in fact they are rather stylish” she said.

“The only problem is that you just don’t walk properly in them.”

In any case, she wants her old husband back: “I love you the way you are: as my Vince.”

Swoon. Her reaction makes me wonder: did my new confidence come from my shoes or from within?

On reflection, I’m not sure they gave me anything more than might a couple of vodkas and tonic.

On the positive side, it’s impossible to tell you are wearing height boosting shoes.

No one noticed anything odd, and my extra inches did seem to help me get served (and even admired) in pubs and bars.

But there’s no way I can carry on with the charade. My feet won’t take the strain.

It was intriguing to be given a glance into the giants’ world – but this Gulliver knows where his true home is.

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The cost of high heels may be measured in pain

September 30, 2009 by

Beauty is pain, as the saying goes. Now there’s evidence to back it up: Wearing high-heeled shoes now may mean suffering foot pain later, according to a new study. Here is what the LA Times has to say:

Study subjects were asked whether they felt pain, aching or stiffness in one or both feet on most days, and if so, what part of their foot hurt (nails, forefoot, hindfoot, heel, arch and ball of the foot). The 3,372 participants were from the Framingham Foot Study, made up of people from the Framingham Study Original Cohort and the Framingham Offspring Cohort who were evaluated from 2002 to 2008. Numbers of men and women were about equal.

High Heels; is the pain worth it?
Their most common footwear worn currently and previously was divided into several categories and among age groups. The shoe categories were: poor (high-risk shoes that lacked support and structure, such as high heels, sandals and slippers), average (mid-risk shoes with hard or rubber soles such as work boots) and good (low-risk shoes offering good support and safety, such as sneakers).

One-fourth of all participants said they had generalized foot pain on most days. The researchers also said that in women they found an increased risk between having pain in the hindfoot and wearing poor shoes in the past, even after adjusting for weight and age. Fewer men reported pain than women (19% versus 29%), but only 1.6% of men said they wore shoes in the poor category.

In the study, the researchers said that wearing good shoes makes sense for protecting the hindfoot from pain. They wrote: “It is also possible that the single association seen at the hindfoot is due to the tightness of the heelcords that might result from sustained use of high heels.” If this is the case, they add, stretching exercises might offset problems caused by poor shoes.

The study appears in the October issue of the journal Arthritis Care & Research.

— Jeannine Stein

Photo credit: Peter Foley / EPA

The strange, the stylish and the just plain silly

September 29, 2009 by

The strange, the stylish and the just plain silly
From bunny ears to shoe jewelry, these fashion trends will get folks talking

By Bobbie Thomas contributor

The world we live in is full of creativity — and crazy concepts! From unexpected fashion to technologically advanced beauty, I’ve taken note of today’s most interesting trends.

Whether you’re inspired to hop on board Hollywood’s bunny-ear bandwagon or are simply intrigued to learn women aren’t the only ones buying body-shaping clothing, these ideas are bound to pique your interest and leave you with plenty to talk about!

Hollywood’s haute ears
Celebs are hopping around Hollywood in bunny ears! From the lacey Maison Michel headbands that the Olsen twins and performers Lily Allen and Lady Gaga wore to Madonna’s Louis Vuitton rabbit ears, stars are embracing this playful haute hair accessory. And if bunny ears are too avant-garde for your everyday look, perhaps these designer creations may inspire a fashionable Halloween costume — just pin the tail!

Savvy solutions
These innovative products had me saying, “I wish I had thought of that!” On the Cuff’s sponge bracelets ($7.99; stop water from running down your arm when you’re washing your face, doing the dishes or cleaning the car, while Shadow Shields will help you to apply eye makeup like a pro ($9.99;
Image: Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen
Junko Kimura / Getty Images
Mary-Kate Olsen, right, and Ashley Olsen showed off their Maison Michel lace ears — Ashley in Mickey Mouse ears, and Mary-Kate in bunny ears — at the Opening Ceremony Japan flagship store party on Aug. 29 in Tokyo.

Chest-A-Peel’s pillow pads aim to prevent creasing and reduce wrinkles while you sleep ($34.99; Ja’Maal Buster’s Placement Tool will help you apply false lashes perfectly that will look as flawless as the ones on his famous fans ($10; And for a perfectly groomed bikini line, Peeka Bu Mirror makes it easy to see what you’re doing down there ($35;

Nail news
It seems our fingertips are the hottest accessory imaginable these days! Trendsetters such as Rachel Bilson and Alexa Chung have been making beauty buffs everywhere green with envy all summer long when stepping out in Chanel’s Jade nail polish ($25; Chanel counters). The lacquer made its debut during the label’s runway show back in February, and is now finally available in stores. And Chanel’s upcoming charcoal-gray color already has a strong buzz, even though it’s not set to debut until later this fall.

Aside from color trends, OPI is playing with texture. The brand took favorite shades from the past and gave them matte finishes. And the same six shades will be available in suede starting this month as well ($8.50; And what’s my personal favorite choice for nails right now? Hello Kitty nail stickers, of course.

Fancy feet
Embellish your simple stilettos or basic boots with Litter’s “shoe jewelry.” This new line of adornment popped up just in time to kick off a fabulous fall season of fun footwear trends. Consider it a great way to temporarily transform your plain pumps into edgy eye candy using chains, studs and spikes ($70-$245;

Smart makeup trend
While the beauty industry is struggling, big brands are coming up with innovative ideas and technologically advanced products to keep consumers interested. Revlon’s Beyond Natural Skin Matching Makeup ($12.99; and Almay’s Smart Shade Makeup ($13.99; are taking some of the guesswork out of matching your makeup to your skin tone. Both come in just a few base shades and are designed to blend into your skin and adjust to your natural pigment.

Smashbox’s O-Glow and O-Gloss claim to be “intuitive” products that react with your personal skin chemistry. O-Glow turns your cheeks the color you blush naturally, while O-Gloss transforms into your own custom shade of perfect pink ($22-$26;

And while it isn’t in stores yet, be on the lookout for Lancome’s Ôscillation Powerfoundation, which launches in October. This mineral foundation vibrates at the press of a button, breaking down the powder into micronized particles that blend seamlessly into the skin ($48;

Style secrets for men
Ladies have depended on padded bras, Spanx and platform shoes to help flatter their figures for years — and now guys are getting in on the action. Hollywood hunks such as Tom Cruise, Shia LeBeouf and “Entourage” stars Jeremy Piven and Kevin Connolly are wearing LiftKits shoe insoles to get an extra two inches of height ($20-$25;

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Beyond a boost in height, men are also looking for a little help when it comes to their shape. GearCom provides waist-slimming boxers that help conceal love handles, while Calvin Klein ($15-$22; and Go Softwear feature products with extra padding to help round out a flat rear and even fill out a T-shirt ($19-$35;!

Hollywood hunks step it up

August 18, 2009 by

In the August 24, 2009 edition, In Touch Weekly writes:

Women have a number of style secrets – from Spanx and padded bras to platform shoes – in their getting-dressed-up arsenal. Now Tinseltown’s leading men are catching on. Tom Cruise, Shia LaBeouf and Entourage’s Jeremy Piven, Rex Lee and Kevin Connolly have discovered a discreet way to add a little lift to their look, thanks to LiftKits shoe insole. With the offer of up to two extra inches of height, this is one of his style secrets I just might steal!

“They’re the perfect pick-me-up for the pint-size trophy on your arm!”


Short Men Shortchanged

July 11, 2009 by

Females biologically programmed to prefer tall guys, documentary says

For a long time I was married to a short man.

This presented no logistical problem because I myself am not quite five feet tall.

My ex-husband was almost exactly the same height as Howard Goldberg, the Montreal-based writer/director of S&M: Short and Male, a film screening Thursday and Sunday at the Hot Docs Festival and set for broadcast on CTV on May 24.

When Howard Goldberg takes off his elevator shoes, which hike him an additional two inches, he’s 5-foot-3 1/2, he says.

My former husband claimed to be 5-foot-4.

In short, he and I were a perfect match – or would have been if we’d been, say, salt and pepper shakers.

But as human beings, our matching stature only fooled us into thinking we were made for each other.

Growing up, but not up enough, I was warned by my mother, herself not quite five feet tall and therefore in the know, that being short would be a problem. “Tall and pretty” were what was wanted, I was warned – tall being not only a preference but taking precedence.

For example, celeb chef Gordon Ramsay was asked recently which celebrity he’d want to cook for. Cameron Diaz, he replied. “She’s tall, she’s beautiful and she loves pink meat.”

Even with all her other attractions, including a fondness for flesh, tallness comes first.

But I was not destined to be tall, far from it, and therefore, I was advised, I would have to, er, lower my expectations.

Which brings me (and brought me) to the short man.

I always suspected it was even worse for a man to get the short end of the stick. And I was right, according to Goldberg. “It’s natural for a man to feel inadequate if he’s shorter than the woman. Or for the woman to feel as if she’s going out with a child if the man is shorter than she is.”

In his film, there’s a scene with a lineup of eligible men. Two women behind a one-way glass pick which man they’d like to date. It’s always the tall man with the most masculine features – even when he has only modest credentials and the short, nerdy-looking guy is said to be a pediatrician and an adventurer.

Goldberg, who says his wife is 1 1/2 inches shorter than he is (half-inches mean a lot to us short people), understands and forgives this penchant for tallness.

“It’s just a biological thing,” he says, “with origins in the evolutionary process.”

The filmmaker recalls, when he was dating, having to “end up being friends” with many women “because they were frank enough to tell me, straight up, `Look, you’re just too short, so don’t even go there.'”

It’s not just the dating scene that shortchanges short men.

“You reach a certain age, for me it was 47, you feel like you’ve been around, you know the ropes and you deserve some respect,” explains Goldberg, who is 50. “And you begin to notice that you’re not getting the respect you deserve …”

With both humour and gravity, the film makes it clear that height discrimination is pervasive and painful. Indeed, the prejudice against short men is so pervasive that even I was guilty of it.

I used to think my ex-husband’s way of being in the world, and therefore with me, was to a large extent shaped by his, well, shape.

But I was wrong in attributing some of his behaviour to a so-called Napoleon complex.

Goldberg says, according to a renowned psychologist he interviewed, “There’s no evidence a Napoleon complex exists, no evidence short men are disproportionately aggressive. Aggression is equal among all heights.”

We just notice it more when it’s coming from a short person, he says, just as we notice little dogs in the park yapping and pestering bigger dogs.

“There’s something incongruous about loud, aggressive behaviour coming from a short, compact package,” he says, “whereas you expect aggression and pushiness from a larger, more dominating person. When a shorter man, who does not in your subconscious equal dominant, begins to behave dominantly, it’s comical, memorable – and repulsive.”

Does that mean people are being unfair in attributing a Napoleon complex to French president Nicolas Sarkozy (like Napoleon, an estimated 5-foot-5)?

“They probably are,” he replies. “Sarkozy is feisty …” Goldberg stops himself mid-sentence.

“Feisty: that’s a terrible word. I just used a bad word. That’s a politically incorrect word in the circle of short male activists. Sarkozy is a fighter, how’s that? See, I myself have absorbed these stereotypes.”

Goldberg says making Short and Male has helped him reflect on and process what he’s been dealing with his whole life. He’s convinced that, in the end, height doesn’t matter. Because when two people are right for each other, both grow in love.

His evidence is a study correlating men’s height and libidinal stimulation in women’s brains. Although the women were instantly more attracted to taller men, when some of them later fell in love with shorter men and were shown pictures of their mates, the same stimulation was provoked.

“So love builds from complex intellectual and emotional attractions that can only develop over time, that have nothing to do with appearance. It’s just that, to allow those types of deep, meaningful connections to take place, we have to get over our hard-wired inclinations.”

As reported by

Judy Gerstel
Living Reporter
Apr 21, 2008 04:30 AM

Height increasing insoles comparison and shoe lifts product review

May 30, 2009 by

Here at All About Height (AllAboutHeight), we have spent countless hours speaking with individuals about increasing their height; listening to their stories of challenges, frustration and success. We’ve also been a consumer and user of many of the products that claim to help you grow taller; from ‘growth pills,’ to stretching techniques that help you grow, HGH (Human Growth Hormone), wearing customize shoe with heels to make you taller. We agree that stretching is great for posture and appearance and will make you appear taller, feel taller and actually be taller, but it wont actually help you grow taller – it cant hurt though. Growth Pills are a down right scam if you ask us, a waste of money, time and who knows what you are putting in your body. HGH as proven, works in terms of increasing height but only while you are in your years of growing. It is also extreme and expensive. High heels and customized height shoes with built in insoles don’t really work for us, they may for us, but not for us. High heels on men just look ridiculous and everyone knows you are compensating for a lack of height. Also, shoes with built in height cushions dont allow for flexibility of style, you are forced to wear shoes that don’t convey your style or trends and that sometimes look plain silly. What we have found is that height increasing shoe insoles and heel lifts can provide a person with a quick change in height, allowing them to instantly grow 1″ to 3″ as soon as applied.

Based on our conversations with hundreds of individuals on the subject we realized their was no review of the different companies and websites that offer insole shoe lifts so we decided to put one together. Below you will find a review of the companies website, product and price and our thoughts about each. Please comment on your thoughts about these companies and let us know if there are others that belong on this list.


Proven to Instantly Make You Look Taller, Slimmer and Increase Your Self Confidence!
Fact: Regular usage of Shoe Lifts will help Tone & Strengthen Calf Muscles!
Shoe lift heel lift inserts may be used by both men and women, in all standard footwear. Dress shoes, casual shoes and all types of boots can comfortably conceal the lift and provide valuable and secret height increase. The lifts are made using a durable yet comfortable black EVA foam blend, and affix to the sole of any shoe by means of a peel-off adhesive coating on the base of the lift. This means that the lift can be used in your favourite boots or shoes, and you don’t have to spend large amounts of time and money on height exercises, human growth hormone, limb-lengthening, height increasing shoes or special footwear to get that extra height you desire!

Height Increase – 1 pair of these .25 (quarter inch) heel lifts will run you:

Price – $38.00

shoe inserts,shoe inserts for height,shoe wedges

While seems to ship anywhere in the world it seems to be located overseas, possibly in Asia, which may affect your shipping time if you are located in North America or Europe. The site is a bunch of text on a page and isn’t all that helpful. But the 2 biggest issues for us are the prices at $38.00 for a 0.25″ of height seems higher than the norm. The second is that heel lifts alone seem to move around in your shoe when putting them on, making for a somewhat uncomfortable fit at times.

Our shoes will invisibly increase your height by 2-5 inches without losing any comfort. Every pair of our shoes is stylish, comfort, high quality and with best care.
Height increasing elevator shoes are not going to make you grow taller, they are similar to high heels, but the heels are hidden and much more comfortable, with our patented height increasing shoes offer extra cushioning, the additional layer of shock absorption cushioning ensure the bottom of feet to receive minimal impact from walking.
Wearing our height increasing elevator shoes will increase your height unnoticed by others, and it will also enhance your physical appearance at the same time. And they are always undetectable. The secret of the height increase given by products lies in the internal build-up of the shoes. This height increaser was shaped to fit in the rear of the shoe.
Men who want to be taller should give our elevator height increasing shoes a trial, they will not be disappointed. Our shoes are really beautiful. The bespoke look and hard wearing qualities make them well worth the price. Your order will have our careful attention and your money will be refunded in accordance with our guarantee, if you are not satisfied.

Height Increase – 2″ – 5″

Price – $49.00 – $149.00

Elevator shoes,built in height insoles

As mentioned in our first paragraph of this article, while Elevator Shoes work they don’t offer a lot of flexibility in styles. They may be better in a dress shoe experience as most dress shoes are not heavily branded to begin with but in the scenario that you are wearing sneakers it would be difficult to convey your own sense of style. When we used live chat on the site, we received this message:
“All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.”
Most of these sites seem to be bland and not heavy in conveying helpful tips, explanations or a good user experience in terms of navigating their websites.


LiftKits was founded by 3 guys in Hollywood, California on the simple belief that we should take a realistic approach to an increasingly unrealistic world. In the real world, we are constantly trying to deceive reality… All of us have observed the tactics women engage in to cheat the playing field. Whether it be high-heels, push-up bras, padded bras, fake eye lashes and the like, these women have a lot in their collective arsenal and, quite simply, it works. At LiftKits we had one thought: Why not add something extra to our game? If this is reality then lets live it.
With that being said, LiftKits is all about one thing: Confidence. Let’s face it – having the ability to naturally and comfortably increase your height up to 2 inches is huge. The first time each of us stepped into a pair of LiftKits, it not only changed our height but our State of Mind as well. Initially, we wanted to keep it a secret from others but as our friends started to notice the certainty in which we acted and the assuredness in our step – we had to come clean and share the secret. The feeling of walking into a night club and comfortably scanning the crowd is hard to describe; I am no longer average! Or to walk into a job interview, an audition for your next part, or to simply to go out with your friends on a Saturday night and stand out from the crowd – the confidence you’ll possess when wearing a pair of LiftKits will change your life. It changed ours.

Height Increase – 1″ Lo-Top 1.5″ – 2″ Hi-Top

Price – $20.00 Lo-Top $25.00 Hi-Top


The reason we like and recommend LiftKits as our #1 choice are multiple. First and foremost the price is right.
They have a Facebook, MySpace, Photos on Flickr as well as their site and most of all they have an informative blog that keeps you update with their product and best practices. Supposedly they will be launching a women’s line shortly.
The company also seems to be fairly transparent about the difficulties associated with wearing height insoles and allows for community involvement when commenting and answering questions about their insoles at get satisfaction.


New insole increase your height close to 5cm in secret
This insole may be used by both men and women, in all standard footwear.
All types of boots can comfortably conceal the lift and provide valuable and secret height increase.
We only accept PAYPAL payment and will ship WORLDWIDE.

Height Increase – 1.5″ – 2″ (5cm)

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5cmShoes has a similar height boosting product to LiftKits. We like this site because it straight forward and to the point. They accept Paypal and the site is in English, Japanese, and Cantonese (Chinese). If you are located in Asia or the UK, we recommend 5cmShoes for your purchase.


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Height Increase – 2″- 5″

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Again, as with, TallermenShoes give you the Elevator boost you are looking for but the lack of style and flexibility still remain. You are stuck with the shoes vs. being able to quickly and easily move the insole from one shoe to the next to allow for you to carry your style to any shoe and still get the extra height boost needed.


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Magic Insoles
have a host of products to help boost your height The site is a bit out dated and old school and prices seem to trend a bit higher than the comparable 5cmShoes and MyLiftKits.

TallerHeels (based in the UK)

Height Increasing Insoles and Heel Lifts from TallerHeels
Our height increasing insoles (heel lifts) simply slip inside your existing shoes fitting almost any size of shoe, men’s or women’s making the user appear taller, acting as adjustable lifts – and they are completely discreet.

Height Increase – 1cm – 5cm

Price – 5.99 British Pounds

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TallerHeels conveys a lot of information about boost growing products and the price points are cheap. This company/website is located in the UK, so pay close attention when getting items shipped as they may carry a hefty shipping fee for your height insole purchases.


To provide unsurpassed product quality and effectiveness with the best service possible. Help to improve the quality of life for our customers and the charities we support. We are committed to providing the highest level of professionalism and ethics.

Height – 1″ – 2 1/2″ Heel Lift only

Price – $30.00 (Pack of rubber wedges)

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Although theses insole height lift inserts will give you a height boost, the site and products are plain and not very informative.

Age-related perception of stature, acceptance of therapy…

May 20, 2009 by

Title: Age-related perception of stature, acceptance of therapy, and psychosocial functioning in human growth hormone-treated girls with Turner’s syndrome.

Author: Lagrou, K : Xhrouet Heinrichs, D : Heinrichs, C : Craen, M : Chanoine, J P : Malvaux, P : Bourguignon, J P

Citation: J-Clin-Endocrinol-Metab. 1998 May; 83(5): 1494-501

Abstract: This study evaluated the perception of stature, acceptance of therapy, and psychosocial functioning in relation to age at onset and time on treatment during 2 yr of GH therapy in 31 girls with Turner’s syndrome grouped by age (group A: 3.7-5.8 yr, n = 9; group B: 7.2-11.8 yr, n = 13; group C: 12.5-16.4 yr, n = 9). The growth response after 2 yr was significant in the 3 groups when calculated in terms of growth norms for untreated Turner girls (mean increase in height SD score: +1.2, +1.5, and +1.1, respectively). The effect was less marked in terms of growth norms for normal girls, particularly in group B (+0.5 SD score). Height was perceived as a problem by most patients, except in the youngest girls at the start of treatment (group A) and in the majority of the adolescents after 2 yr of GH therapy (group C), without evidence of relation to growth response during therapy. The GH injections were fairly well accepted by all patients, except those younger than 6 yr. In all patients, expected adult height was unrealistic and became more realistic with age, whereas no consistent changes were observed in relation to growth response to GH therapy. The Child Behavior Checklist revealed elevated mean scores at the behavioral subscales of attention problems (group A and B), social problems, withdrawal, and anxiety-depression (most obviously in group B). No significant changes were seen during GH therapy. In group C, an elevated mean social problem score at the Youth Self Report and a low mean social self-esteem score at the Self-Esteem Inventory were observed before therapy and showed a significant improvement during 2 yr of GH treatment. These results, however, might be biased due to an increase in social desirability during therapy. We conclude that the perception of height, acceptance of GH therapy, and psychosocial functioning in girls with Turner’s syndrome show important differences between age groups, with only slight changes observed during GH therapy.

Selling yourself short?

May 8, 2009 by

If you have ever been uncomfortable in your own skin, you’re not alone. Just take a look around; people are constantly battling the pressures and negative influences from the world, community and ‘friends’ around them.

Selling yourself short means you’re not giving yourself full credit where it is deserved. (i.e. “The professor told Jack not to sell himself short regarding his grade on his Mathematical exam; he scored the highest grade in the class.”)

Sometimes it can be a birthmark in a strange place, the fact that you’re shorter than the average person, you have a receding hairline, really anything… ‘Friends,’ co-workers, even family may even induce this low self-esteem. The best way to work your self out of it is to make changes, and think positive; always reinforcing the good things about yourself.

An report titled “Coping With Low Self-Esteem – Discover a Powerful Way to Change the Way You Think About Yourself” talks about the pain of low self-esteem, selling yourself short and how to turn it all around.

Low Self-Esteem is probably the number one reason people do not achieve their goals in life.

While most of us like to find reasons for failure in outer circumstances, we don’t realize that it is the way we think about ourselves that will ultimately determine the outcome of our endeavors.

When you don’t believe in yourself failure becomes a viable option. It is strange how quick we are to accept thoughts of inadequacy about ourselves. However, when it comes to believing that we are good at something, we demand substantial proof before accepting that.

It is all a matter of mindset. We are what we think we are. Every decision we make is based on whatever thought patterns we have in our mind.

Our mindset has been framed by all the good or bad information we have received throughout our life. And -like it or not- it definitely governs our life.

Once your mind has accepted a certain thought pattern about yourself and what you are capable of, it will determine your actions in every area of your life.

If you think you are a victor, you will accomplish much and always have success in life.

On the other hand, if you think you are a victim or a loser who is not capable of much, that is exactly what your life is going to look like.

Thought patterns are powerful, but the good news is that they can be broken by a weightier source….

Overcoming Fears of Rejection to Date Girls – Is Being Too Short a Hurdle?

May 3, 2009 by

Too short to date girls? Do you have this problem too? Being short as a guy can especially pose a disadvantage when we are talking about approaching the opposite sex to either strike a conversation or for a greater ambition to date a girl you fancy. Remember that cute girl that you met in a public place just standing steps in front of you? She looks so much like the girl you wanted to talk to, and to befriend. One minute later, you tell yourself that it’s not possible for you to go up and say ‘hi’ as you are shorter than the girl in front. You subject yourself to the common belief that girls only fancy guys who are taller than them.

As a short guy myself, I can understand the inferior complex and thinking that comes with the package. I would like to offer some encouragement and tips to guys out there who are short in stature and feel inferior and have problems in overcoming fears of rejection when push comes to shove in knowing the opposite sex.

Tips to share:

1. Believe in yourself! Everyone is special and you definitely have your strong points. Speak confidently and dress well. Most of the time girls like guys who are confident of themselves. This does not entirely have to do with the guy’s physical appearance. Physical appearance takes those initial points but after even some minutes of chat, it is the personality rating that comes through. If you can speak confidently then you will fare well. Dressing well does not mean you need to wear a tie or a tux. Even a t-shirt and a pair of jeans can make you look good if you iron them well and pick the correct cutting.

2. Read about jokes and humor in jokes-a-day websites to break the ice with the opposite sex. Most girls like guys who are humorous.

3. Believe in yourself! I know I have mentioned about this in point 1 but it deserves mention again because it is just so important to have self-belief! Strong self-belief will make you look bigger in stature than what your physical self is.

4. Use your heart when you’re interested in the girl and make the effort to know her. This again has nothing to do with your short height. It also brings up the point that being short is not the only factor that will determine if you can be successful in getting the opposite sex interested in you. Using your heart is about showing whole-heartedly that you’re genuinely interested to know her and befriend her.

5. Get motivated by reading up on useful resources which encourages positive thinking. There’s a lot of these resources on

I am not an expert in courting girls but I have been through the process of getting nervous, letting opportunities past by me because I lack confidence and self-esteem to make that first move to know the girl I fancy.

You can do better! Good luck dear friend!

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