The All About Height Holiday Gift Guide – not all about height


Here a suggestive little assortment of ’09 Holiday ideas that will help you and your friends walk into 2010 feeling a little bit better.

Virgin airways,The 2 Bandits,Flip Video,Livity Hats,Bose speaker for ipod,Tavik,LiftKits HiTop Insole,Creative Rec Ponti,Moleskin Diary,Blublocker sunglasses

1. An essential item for both men and women are Moleskine Notebooks, whether its and inspirational idea, business notes or for jotting down someones phone # – its a must have. $10 Classic Hardcover Notebook, Moleskine

2. Get up and go! It doesn’t matter where, a plane ticket is most certainly one of the best presents one can receive. Virgin Airways

3. Gotta have a pair of these throwbacks in the drawer. $19.95 Black Nylon BluBlockers

4. I just bought 5 pairs! If you wanna give someone the hottest pair of shoes around, give them a pair of Creative Recs. $140 Creative Recreation Ponti High Tops

5. Super Original, super eco-friendly. Around $40-$50, see where you can get yours by visiting

6. Capture the moment with a Flip. Flip video recorders are too easy to use and even easier to post your content on Facebook and Youtube. $149.99 Flip Camcorder

7. For all you ladies! The best way to transform any pair of boots! $70 a pair $35 each, The 2 Bandits

8. Know a friend who could use a couple more inches…of height? Check out our LiftKits Hi-Top version. Worn best in high top sneakers (like Creative Recs) or in boots. $25 a pair, LiftKits

9. Tavik, a Southern California lifestyle brand kicking out some killer threads for this holiday season. $49 Tavik “Gruseome” Flannel

10. The Bose iPhone/iPod speaker system is a little pricey, but well worth it. The Bose speaker system allows you to enjoy your music or a friends anywhere. $269.95 Bose Series II digital music system

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