More Hollywood Heights: Short Men of Comedy


More Hollywood Heights: Short Men of Comedy
October 10, 2008 by
Will N. Stape

Funny Guys Aren’t Always Tall Guys
These are the clowns who make us roll over with belly laughs. They fire off one liners and spin silly stories faster than you can catch your breath. Funny men inspire us to be merry and mirthful. But many are pretty short.

Here are some of the best comics working in Hollywood today and some of the shortest.

Artie Lange – 5’9

At 5’9, Artie Lange misses average height by an inch.

The MAD-TV alum and Howard Stern regular has been yucking it up for years. A native of New Jersey, he’s had troubles in the past with drugs and booze and continues to “live large” as the new Dean Martin of Hollywood in ways. Recently broken up with his girlfriend Dana, Artie now is starting to love the single life and take advantage of it on Stern’s daily yuck fest on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Carlos Mencia – 5’8″

At 5’8, The Mind of Mencia is a short mind after all.

The half German half Latino comic born in Honduras is seventeenth in his family of eighteen siblings. At 5’8, he’s two inches shorter than average height, but that doesn’t mean he’s short on the laughs. Although he’s been criticized for joke stealing from big comics such as Joe Rogan and George Lopez, Mencia continues to do well on his Comedy Central show and is co-starring in the new Ben Stiller movie The Heartbreak Kid.

John Leguizamo 5’8

This native of Bogota Columbia stands 5’8, but he’s become one of the funniest and most versatile actors in film and television today.

Praised for his stand-up and one man shows, Leguizamo has been in such modern classics as Moulin Rouge and provided the voice for animated characters like in Ice Age. Leguizamo has such a unique, hyper sense of inspired silliness, it doesn’t matter how tall he is – he always delivers huge laughs.

Bobby Lee – 5’4 1/2″

At 5’4 1/2″ Asian comic Bobby Lee won’t be playing basketball with the LA Lakers anytime soon, but his comic timing doesn’t need height.

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